Wednesday, June 8, 2016

when the past recalling to your memory

When all the bitter memories being your start point to make a step toward bright future was forgotten. and the sweet behind bitter memories was arise back make my head confuses.

Did I take a wrong decision??

Naah! no. It was my destiny. Allah make a beautiful plan for me. only I can't see it yet.

For those who wondering why I move on from my 6 years ex, this is my answer.

Everybody have their own aim. For me, I wanted be beside my husband everyday. I don't care about money. yes, money can buy anything but not happiness. I am a nature human not a materialistic type. It's okey to me crying under the bridge than crying in the BMW car. I knew my ex before he knew his job. an offshore kinda of job. When he got his job, which is will took him to the offshore for a month or more and got a lot of money, he actually really love his job. For me, that's not my life. my nature is always BESIDE my love EVERYDAY. not every next month. I cannot stop him to love his job. that is his life. So I decided to move on to live my life too. He told me he is not working this job for entire life. He will change his job when his 40. So, what do you think? wasting my life waiting him?? no. I'm not going to waste my time living alone and waiting someone who enjoying his job while I'm doing my life routine with tear. a really really big NO.

For those who can live it, it's your decision. your life aim. bravo to you girls!

Now, I already have my beloved husband and lovely son. The new journey has begun :)

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