Tuesday, December 18, 2012

life path



Actually, I already realize that I never share my life story here. Yes, I am closed person that not simply telling somebody my life story. This is because I don’t like people talking about me when I in that situation. So now, when all the situations, events being a past, I would like to share with you guys What actually I have being through.


the chronology began after last semester for my batch in University. I’m from Diploma In Town And Regional Planning at UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak batch July 2008. Majority from my friends successful grad on time and continue their study in Degree at Shah Alam. But, student like me was stuck at last semester. I was extend one semester for my thesis. I should not blame my buddy, but I have a mistake too. I don’t land both of my hand to her for the sake of our thesis. She’s now continue in degree just after our last thesis pass and we grad. But me, still be an employee at the big company.

when I at my last semester which is extended semester for the thesis, I was worked as Account Assistant at Utusan Airtime Petaling Jaya. My lecturer was suggested me to work there because the CEO of the company are belonging to his relatives. I was worked there for 5 months for waiting to continue my degree. But I got the offer letter from TNB as a clerk. Yes, I was filled the form as a clerk before I worked at Utusan. I was soooo excited with that letter because I can work with my father’s company! I can see my future and my life goal was changed from be a town planner or town planning lecturer to be a TNB staff. At that time, I was decided to taka a degree in administrative and forget the town planning. My sister actually doesn’t agree with my new goal. She still insist to ask me to continue my study in town planning.

But, all that dreams just be a dreams.. It is because, I didn’t get the clerk position but below than that. Okay, this is my biggest fault because I don’t read 100% the offer letter. at the bottom of the letter, the real position already stated there. (>.<)   I can’t see my future. my future already blank turning black in colour. I crying all night long. before going to bed and after wake up in the morning my tear are my loyal companion. According to the contract, we must attend the program at ILSAS in UNITEN. after done that program, we’ll make on job training for 6 months and then we’ll be a permanent staff. But, if we want to resign after done the ILSAS program, we must pay that program course around RM 8,000 – 12,000. Okay fine. I got the offer letter to go to ILSAS but I refused. I make a letter that I’ll finished my contract in the end of this year and I don’t want be a permanent staff there.

Now, I already pass a year at there. the hardest situation I ever through. I thought being a town planning student is the toughest path in my life, but this job are way toughest than that. It is because do what u don’t like to do, handle the insane people and etc,etc, etc. at least,  being a town planning student is do what you love to do. design what in your head and scolded by the lecturer because of your own mistake not other’s. I know, All my friends will grad in 6 months onward. but for me, Never late to be a student. If we still have people who can support our study, grab it. do it! don’t let it be a memory and regret it in the future.

I wish, I hope, I can continue my study next semester and be a better person than now. Sit at the better place than I was sat before. InsyAllah..





good bye TNB..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

simple shawl tutorial: A usual shawl.


who want to know my way to wear hijab? here are the tutorial. the tutorial might be the same but the material, length, and design of shawl are different. Who can watch detail in my tutorial they will notice the slightly difference between each videos. :)

#1 : zibra printed usual shawl.



Sunday, December 2, 2012

out of memory



memandangkan kedua-dua local disk saya dah merah, and now I can do nothing. tak boleh nak edit gambr, takboleh nak edit video tutorial and yang paling sedih, my 500gb external hardisk can’t detect when plug in on my laptop. terbaik bukan?? :(


what I must do right now is, transfer semua data dalam kedua-dua local disk ni dalam memory space yang baru yang entah bila nak membelinya.

the second one is, every month I must get two 8gb pendrives which is one for original data and one for editable data that I’ll upload on internet. cara macam tu lagi bagus rasanya. malas nak beli external yang besar-besar sampai 1tera ke apa ke yang at the end takboleh bukak langsung! dah la banyak data dalam tu kan. (-_-)

okay la, want to find out a new pendrive to store my memories. bye..