Saturday, September 15, 2012

tutorial how to add page in the blog


this post actually special for my friend who are new in this blog world. n_n


okay, here are the tutorial how to add pages/tab in blogspot. (click the image to expand)


step 1:



after you sign in your account, go to red rounded link as shown above.


step 2:


after that, find the “new page”, then click “blank page”


step 3:


make the “page title” in the rounded box as shown above. write what you want at the white blank page. after that, click “ update”.


step 4:


then, if your tab didn’t show at your blog, be pleasure to check this page (follow step 1). make your pages show and you can decide the arrangement of your tab in your blog.




then, tada!!! n_~


if you didn’t understand yet, you can drop your question on my facebook.

good luck! :)

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