Sunday, June 10, 2012



I never grateful what was given to me... 

God put me in pure science but I change it with technical science.
My best friend right now doing her medic in Egypt. me??

God put me in University with town planning department.
I not too serious with my study and not try hard to extend my study  in degree. 
Now my batch's friends enjoy their enjoyable study in University.

God put me in big company but as lower employee.
 I always hurt when do my work and now i want to resign.(only in my mind)
If I do the same thing like two above, I am such an ungrateful person..

God put me  in different ways to accept His rezqi according to what I thinking.
If we want like that He will give us like that. If like this He give us like this.
please be a grateful person Anis..

I hope, my action next will determine the best way for me to accept His rezqi. 
not like my mistake before.

time, please change my life again to better than before..

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